RIMSA PENTALED 28 operatsioonivalgusti laekinnitusega 120.000 lux

3,850.00 (sisaldab KM)

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A concentration of unparalleled performance technology, the best for a lamp for ambulatories and minor surgery.
Their compact dimensions and extremely handy structure are permeated by the strong determination of Rimsa heart, a synonym of high technology, quality and performance ever since. The thin dome with two convenient side grips ensures easier positioning and adjustment and reduces overall dimensions.

Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec) 120.000 lux
Light head diameter 40 cm
Color temperature 4.500 – 5.000 K
Color rendering index (CRI) 94 Ra
Diameter adjustment Manual
D 10 value 280 mm
Light field diameter adjustable from-to 110 – 330 mm
Depth of illumination (L1+L2) at 60% 920 mm
Depth of illumination (L1+L2) at 20% 1550 mm
Total radiated energy Ee 456 W/m²
Ratio between radiated energy Ee and illuminance Ec 3,62
Average led life > 60.000
Control of the illuminance 20-100 %
Electrical absorption 47 W – 85 VA